Updated 19.10.21

Although at first glance the current rules for travel can seem daunting and off-putting, it´s becoming increasingly easy to get to Spain and enjoy a safe, hassle-free stay.

Here´s a demystified summary of where we are as of 4 October 2021 – of course please refer to the current official travel guidelines for your country, as they can of course change!

Travellers from EU countries

Since 1 July 2021, EU citizens and residents will now be able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU, allowing free movement between member states for all those who have been fully vaccinated, or have received a negative test result, or have recovered from COVID-19. 

National authorities are in charge of issuing the certificate. Each country has the choice to introduce its own entry requirements and rules, should these become necessary. There are no additional rules for Spain but do keep an eye on your own country´s official guidance for re-entry as well as any you transit through.

UK travellers

For UK travellers, Spain is listed as a ‘Green’ country. Travel to these countries is covered by most travel insurance policies.

If you are fully vaccinated, quarantine is not necessary either on arrival to Spain or when you return to the UK.

So in a nutshell, if you are fully-vaccinated, you need to do this…

  • From 22 October, you can order/book a ‘Day 2 lateral flow test’ for your return to UK. You can simply get tested at most UK airports when you arrive home, but you’ll need to book, and bring the serial/booking number with you for your UK Passenger Locator Form (see below). (NB the Day 2 lateral flow test comes in to operation from 24 October, replacing the previous, more expensive PCR test – good news! If you have already bought/ordered a PCR test you can still use it).
  • Fill in a Health Control Form here for the Spanish Government just before the trip. Bring your QR code or form with you.

– For Gibraltar arrivals, fill in a passenger locator form here. Bring the printed form and/or bar code.

and book a free antigen test here, received on arrival at the airport. Bring the form and/or QR code.

  • Have your NHS COVID pass on hand to prove your vaccination status.
  • Arrive in Spain, enjoy a week or so of hassle-free moth-ing and wildlife watching, sunshine and amazing local food!
  • Within 2 days of the end of the trip, fill in your Passenger Locator Form for the UK government. (You can begin this before the trip but there are parts that can only be completed just before your return to the UK). We have done quite a few by now and are more than happy to assist! 
  • That’s it! You do not need to test while on holiday or self-isolate on return, and provided your Day 2 test is negative, you´re free to go about your life.

– If you are not fully vaccinated or it was less than 2 weeks ago, you can still enter Spain by producing a negative COVID-19 test.  At the time of writing, Spain are accepting antigen tests from this list, with a negative result within 48 hours pre-arrival.  A good example would be this one. Or you can use a PCR test within 72 hours pre-arrival like this one. Both can be ordered online, are delivered to your home and you get a digital certificate to show your negative result – simple!

  • If you are not fully vaccinated you´ll need to self-isolate for 10 days on your return to the UK, test on Day 2 and then again on Day 8, or make use of the Test To Release scheme and be out in 5 days.  Use this time to edit your many amazing photos!

Here are the full official guidelines for entry into Spain and return to the UK.

Travellers from USA

Since 24 June 2021, you no longer need to bring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test if you are traveling from the United States to Spain.  You simply need to fill in a Health Control Form here for the Spanish Government.  It can also be filled in via the SpTH app.  The last section is completable 48 hrs before travel and you are then given a QR code allowing entry. This applies to US citizens travelling to Spain from the United States, including if they transit through a third country.

US citizens will need to take a COVID-19 test during the 3 last days of the trip, a negative result allowing re-entry into the US without quarantine.  Either an antigen or NAAT test is acceptable.  This is most conveniently done using a test you bring with you. Various airlines (United, American) are suggesting the Abbott BinaxNow test, with the Navica App. The self-test is administered while being monitored by a Tele Health professional online, who guides you through the test and verifies your identity and test results.

Full US government guidelines available here.

We can’t stress enough that the health and safety of our clients and avoiding the spread of coronavirus in wider society have been and always will be one of our top priorities.  We are proud to have been awarded a badge of approval for our COVID-19 Risk Prevention Protocol from both the Spanish Ministry for Industry, Commerce & Tourism, and by the local Junta de Andalucía for both tourism and “active tourism” specifically.

These badges mean you can book with confidence that we are fully compliant with official guidance set out by these organisations, and have in place a stringent COVID-19 Risk Prevention Protocol.


Additionally, we receive training and take advice from our independent risk prevention consultants, Quirón Prevención.

Upon booking and arrival, you will receive a comprehensive guide on measures taken and your own responsibilities.  Here’s a summary of the measures we’re currently taking to protect you and others, which we´ll update periodically:

  • When we meet you, we’ll go over our COVID-19 Risk Prevention Protocol in detail, and introduce you to the whereabouts of hand-sanitiser and thermometer. Sadly, there’ll be no hugging!
  • You can expect our minibus to have been thoroughly cleaned using recommended virucidal products before the start of the trip, and at the end of each day, and to display clear signage about hygiene, self-protection and distance guidelines.
  • We ourselves will also be thoroughly scrubbed !
  • If you have your own vehicle, you may use it to follow us if you’d prefer.
  • Thanks to the nature of our passion, we’ll be mostly outside and always away from crowds! Group sizes will be also be small.
  • We’ll encourage you to bring your own protective masks and hand sanitiser for frequent use, but we’ll always have a stock of these available for your use.
  • We’ll encourage you to bring your own optical equipment and not share this. We can however still lend out disinfected binoculars for your personal use during the trip. 
  • We have stringent procedures in place should anyone – including us – fall ill during the trip.
  • Any accommodation used or hostelry establishments visited are known and trusted, and verified to also have a COVID-19 Risk Prevention Protocol in place.
  • Our legendary picnic lunch will be provided as usual – hygienically prepared, served on disinfected reusable crockery to avoid plastic waste and stuffed full of locally sourced, sustainably produced and delicious ingredients!

We are also keeping a close eye on international travel advice from the World Health Organisation, Spanish government and relevant Foreign Offices.

To allow you to book with confidence in these uncertain times, we are continuing our commitment to offer no-financial-obligation provisional bookings for future tours – just contact us to register your interest and talk further.

As well as our scheduled departure dates, we have availability for bespoke tours for couples, families or groups of friends – contact us to discuss a dream trip!

We hope that with everyone’s collaboration this situation will continue to improve and we will see you soon in The Straits and beyond to enjoy the best of #FlywayBirding