Birding in the Straits


  1. Brilliant stuff, looking forward to being able to head out there again after this lockdown – Dave Grundy

  2. Brilliant stuff – looking forward to being able to get out there again to see more after the lockdown – can’t wait!

  3. Dear Simon and Nikki,
    Thank you for sharing this. Really fascinating and another reason for visiting the Straits again in the future.
    I hope that you are able to stay safe and well and that the Inglorious Bustards team will be up and running again very soon.
    Best wishes to you both. Alan

    1. Many thanks Alan – hoping that will change soon enough. It is a good time to look over our conservation work and forge ahead with new and existing partnerships, more on that soon ….so we keep busy!

  4. What a brilliant scheme. I only wish I was a good enough birder to volunteer to help with the count. Sunshine, lots of birds, great people and really worthwhile conservation data – what is not to like?! Keep up the good “work”.

    1. Thanks Alan -you are so good enough! … it is glorious no doubt but when you have counted 11,000 Honey Buzzards and not really stopped looking for your bins for 6 – 7 hours, it takes the toll, sounds idillic but is actually quite taxing…..

  5. Wow😱 superenvious👍🏻

    It will have been 3 years this September since my last visit to Tarifa😕

    I have been going for a coupla weeks to Georgia and Batumi instead but as the official count has been cancelled this year it could be a return to Andalucia but only if the tapas bars etc are open and some of these more personal restrictions have been lifted🤔

    Until then i shall look forward to your updates. It was good to read about Dave and his Moths – i helped set up his fledgeling conservation group in Middlesboro more decades ago than i care to remember😉

    All the best –


    1. Hey Laurie !

      We ran our Swift Weekender recently with no issues, just lots of fun! you can see the trip report here:

      All bars, hotels and restaurants are open here, we have Covid-19 restrictions in place however for everyones safety. Indeed we are regionally and nationally approved for our safety measures.

      And of course there isn’t anything quite like The Straits!

      Also consider travelling with us for our relentless (!!) unwavering commitment to flyway conservation and sustainability !

      We are at the virtual Birdfair – check us out there!

      Dave is here at the moment – I’ll say hello !

      All the best


  6. Hi Great information, I have been watching, I think, a false black widow, fascinating stuff.
    She lives behind a outside light fitting on my mobile home near banyoles in north eastern spain. I have been watching her for a couple of weeks now, she has fed on small insects that get in her web, but she has also tackled a moth twice her size.
    I have taken some pictures.
    Stuart Davis.

  7. Mouth-watering and pulse-racing, exciting and depressing for me in equal measure – i should have been at Batumi, Georgia, for my 3 rd consecutive Autumn😡

    Prior to that i spent 5 Autumns in Andalucia with a week at Tarifa each September so i am with you in memory and spirit. A ‘Honey’ Buzzard was claimed where i live here in the West Midlands a couple of days ago – i won’t rush for my coat anytime soon😉👍🏻

    All the best and keep up the posts i need to bird vicariously this Autumn…..

    Laurie –

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