Mothing the Straits – Deposit


In just under a week of moth trapping we are likely to see over 200 moth species depending on weather conditions.  Most of these will be moths you have rarely seen in Britain if ever, apart from a handful of commoner migrants


We like birds, but we like other animals too!  That´s why we have teamed up with Andalucían moth expert extraordinaire Dave Grundy, to offer you this six-day Lepidopteran extravaganza around Southern Andalucía.

We will be based near the Straits of Gibraltar, just 14 kilometers from North Africa, where the moths have more in common with Africa than with Northern Europe. We are conveniently situated between two of Spain’s most exciting Natural Parks; the Natural Park of the Straits which is home to moths of coastal and Olive-based Mediterranean scrub and the Los Alcornacales Natural Park up where the hills are shrouded with evergreen cork oak forest and mist.

This holiday will all be about adding a touch of Mediterranean spice to the moths you see. You will see a whole suite of moths that we think of as migrants in the UK from Silver Y to Striped Hawkmoth, as well as real Mediterranean specials such as the stunning small and shaggy Omphalophana serrata.  We should be able to see over 200 species of moths during our stay.


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