Birding Two Continents – remaining balance


The 14 km wide stretch of ocean that separates Europe and Africa has served as both a barrier and bridge between cultures throughout history.  With the land on both sides changing hands repeatedly between Spanish and North African hands, the influences of both cultures can be felt strongly on each side, resulting in the culture, food and outlook being a unique mix of the two continents.

What both sides have in common is a relaxed attitude to life, and a pride in extending a warm welcome to visitors, ensuring that your stay around the Straits will be a hugely enjoyable and amicable – not to mention fascinating – experience.


Legend has it that Hercules used his incredible strength to separate the continents of Europe and Africa, creating the Straits of Gibraltar. The Inglorious Bustards are all set to use our outstanding local knowledge and expertise to bring them back together for you! This is our feature specialist tour, and our experience of the area and local contacts mean we can take you where other guides fear to tread

The point at which Africa and Europe meet is also the epicentre for one of the world’s most spectacular bird migrations.  Every year, millions of birds make the 14 km journey across the Straits of Gibraltar, making use of uplifts and thermals rising off the Rock of Gibraltar and the stunning Moroccan peak of Jebel Musa. An estimated 250,000 raptors pass over this rugged terrain during these periods, as well as untold thousands of other journeying passerines and seabirds.

On this trip we will experience the very best of two continents from cracking locations in both Spain and Morocco.  As well as being at the heart of the thrilling migration spectacle, we will look for Marsh Owls, Northern Bald Ibis and Barbary Macaques as well as the seabirds and cetaceans of the Straits on a boat excursion and Moroccan specialities in both mountain and wetland sites.