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Inglorious Bustards is included in the Tourism Registry of the Andalucían Government as an Active Tourism company AT/CA/00416.

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Day tours in the epicentre of bird migration!

Experience the best in #FlywayBirding

If you’re an absolute beginner, an expert, or anywhere in between, our day tours are perfect for anyone who wants to experience and share the wonders of bird migration here in The Straits of Gibraltar.

We spend our lives exploring the area, so why not let us show you our wondrous home, over one or more guided days?                                                 

White Storks crossing The Straits to Africa © Inglorious Bustards

A day tour around The Straits area costs just €60 per person, which includes not only transport in our comfortable modern 9-seater minibus but also one of our legendary picnics, featuring sustainably-produced local food! Group reductions are also available – contact us directly for details, availability or for something more bespoke!

The Straits of Gibraltar – Bird Migration & Cetaceans

7 days – 4th March – 10th March 2021

7 days –2nd September – 8th September 2021

7 days – 24th March – 30th March 2022

7 days – 1st September – 7th September 2022

Migrating White Storks © Inglorious Bustards

The Straits of Gibraltar are just 14 km wide and provide migrant birds with an ideal crossing point of the Mediterranean. Soaring birds are able to make use of the thermals which form over the Rock of Gibraltar and the Moroccan peak of Jebel Musa to gain height to help them on a treacherous part of their more

Birding Two Continents

8 days – 9th October – 16th October 2021

8 days – 14th October – 21st October 2022

Marsh Owl © Inglorious Bustards

Legend has it that Hercules used his incredible strength to separate the continents of Europe and Africa, creating The Straits of Gibraltar. The Inglorious Bustards are all set to use our outstanding local knowledge and expertise to bring them back together for you! This is our feature specialist tour, and our experience of the area and local contacts mean we can take you where other guides fear to tread…read more

Swift Weekender

4 days – 16th July – 19th July 2021

4 days 22nd July – 25th July 2022

Little Swift © Inglorious Bustards

Common, Pallid, Alpine, Little and White-rumped. From our home in Andalucía, we endeavour to bring you together with five species of that most aerially superb genus, the Swift, all over the course of a weekend of fantastic and varied birding… more

Ronda and The Straits – the Unknown Vulture Spectacle! 

7 days – 21st October – 27th October 2021

7 days – 27th October – 2nd November 2022

Griffon Vulture © Inglorious Bustards

This trip offers the chance to experience not one but two exceptional wildlife areas, combining the lush mountain scenery of the Ronda area with the unparalleled migration spectacle of thousands of Vultures migrating The Straits…read more

Serranía de Ronda & Grazalema – Bustards, Eagles & Flamingoes

7 days –17th – 23rd February 2022

Great Bustard © Inglorious Bustards

Our base is in Júzcar, a tiny mountain village situated between the limestone crags of the Sierra de la Grazalema Natural Park and Sierra de las Nieves Biosphere Reserve, and just a short journey away from the lagoons and plains of the lowlands, allowing us to experience the range and depth of this extraordinary biodiversity… more

Doñana Delights

5 days – 23rd January – 27th January 2022

White-headed Duck © Inglorious Bustards

With a fascinating range of habitats to visit, including Stone Pine woodland, reedbeds, rice paddies, open grassland and heathland, freshwater pools and coastal sand dunes and of course the famous marshes, it’s no wonder Coto Doñana attracts such a fantastic variety of birds. We’ll take you to explore these habitats from our base in El Rocío, a lovely town with sandy streets that overlooks the lagoon, river and marshlands of the Doñana….read more

Bird Party in The Gambia

11 days – 30th November – 10th December 2021

Pearl-spotted Owlet © Inglorious Bustards

This tiny, friendly West African gem has long been a favourite with birders, and with good reason. As the gleaming Gambia River bends gently inland to form its welcoming ‘grin’, it provides access to teeming habitats ranging from coastal creeks to mangrove swamps to freshwater lakes, with species-rich Sahelian scrubland in between… more

Mothing The Straits 

6 days – 2nd – 7th May 2021

P1570688 Cerura iberica - Ornipark - 25-04-19
Cerura iberica © Inglorious Bustards

We like birds, but we like other animals too!  That´s why we have on our team the mothing man extraordinaire, Dave Grundy to offer you this six-day Lepidopteran extravaganza around Southern Andalucía……read more

Bespoke Adventures and Day Tours

All of Ivan’s wishes came true on his special birthday guided days with the Inglorious Bustards!

Got a mission in mind?  We can plan a specialist itinerary to help you fulfil your dreams.  We offer day trips and multi-day trips at a price to suit your budget targeted at the type of experience you or your group are dreaming of…. read more


All our day tours and set departure tours are carbon balanced through the World Land Trust Carbon Balancing Scheme.

This programme enables individuals and organisations to offset their residual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the protection and restoration of carbon-rich wildlife habitats.

Carbon offsetting is a process whereby an individual or company takes action to prevent the release of emissions elsewhere, or secures the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide as part of a wider approach to measure, reduce and then offset emissions through impactful conservation projects.

To make projects like this work, this fore-sighted organisation includes, rather than excludes local communities.  It funds partner NGOs to employ local people as reserve rangers, sustainably managing some of the world’s most threatened habitats and the species found within them.

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ABS logo2We are listed and approved by the Andalucía Bird Society having fulfilled the criteria for and qualified to participate in The Professional Bird / Wildlife Guides Certificate.

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Inglorious Bustards is included in the Tourism Registry of the Andalucían Government as an Active Tourism company AT/CA/00416.