Foraging wild at Huerta Grande…

As the long, hot autumn season draws to a close at our base of Huerta Grande eco-resort, the rains have finally arrived, clearing the air, refreshing the ground and filling the streams.  They bring with them the region’s ‘second spring’, as the parched soils are brought back to life with fresh water and lingering summer warmth.

A wander around the grounds soon  supplies some great ingredients for a free meal!

It’s mushroom gatherer’s heaven out there this week as the resident fungi make a grab for moisture. 

We know we’re on safe omelette-making ground with the Parasols, but we think we’ll leave the range of decidedly dodgy-looking Agaricales and Russulales to the experts!

For the accompanying salad we’re all set – the forest floor is now a blanket of deliciously sour Wood Sorrel.

In terms of protein, the Cork and Holm oaks are hung with delicious sweet acorns, said to be the foodstuff that gives Iberian ham its special flavour. We’re debating whether to eat them straight from the tree or follow the example of Extremadura friends and brew them into Licor de Bellota, a delicious acorn liqueur guaranteed to ward off the forthcoming winter chills…

Whatever the outcome of our culinary attempts, we can be sure of a fantastic cabaret. The rains have brought with them a cacophony of Mediterranean Tree Frog song, worthy of Paul McCartney himself!

Que Aprovece!

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