At 8.10am @Jonny09Jonny and @robert_yaxley set off on #Dovestep3 into a raging storm most likely never to be seen again…

A raging sea and a howling ‘Poniente’ storm provided the dramatic opening ceremony for #Dovestep3 this morning, at dawn on Tarifa beach, where we sent the brave lads on their way.
They left the southerly-most point of the Spanish mainland at 8.10am, all set to walk the 700 mile distance to Gijon on the north coast of Spain in marathon distances every day for a month.

They will be best remembered for their heroic fundraising efforts, pioneering the Dovestep project which sees them undertake vast journeys of hundreds of miles on foot, to raise money for Turtle Dove conservation. They will be sadly missed by the birding, and indeed the metalling community.

It was to be our honour to host them in comfort here in a log cabin at Huerta Grande ecolodge for the first couple of legs of their journey north. Their trusty driver Sven – who survives them – will no doubt take some time to recuperate and pursue his botanical interests here in the beautiful grounds.

We will know by later today whether the lads have made it through their first day, and look forward to hearing the first tales about their 1000 km dash, the concept of which has met with a mixture of amusement and incredulity from locals…

You can support Dovestep 3’s heroic efforts by parting with a few groats at

Published by Simon Tonkin

'Here at the Inglorious Bustards, experiencing the powerful event of bird migration has led to a life-long fascination with avian migration and #FlywayBirding. It’s no accident that we have chosen our base to be here in the Straits of Gibraltar. Our location between Gibraltar and Tarifa puts us right at the epicentre of birding in the Straits and, from a migrating raptor’s point of view, we must surely also be at the centre of the world! We love not only to marvel at the birds passing but also to follow them on their migratory journey, and explore the whole range of fascinating and varied terrains they traverse each year. More than that though, we love to share our adventures with you!'

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