Hold the front page! We’ve teamed up with @theurbanbirder and @TUBTours to bring you more!

Here at Inglorious Bustards we take pride in bringing you the best of birding and migration spectacles along the East Atlantic flyway, all nothing to do with racing around ticking birds and more about enjoying landscapes, habitats, culture and having a good laugh – at a relaxed pace.

 So we’re delighted to say we’ve found a soulmate in David Lindo, aka The Urban Birder.

As well as being a successful author, journalist and TV presenter, with a passion for bringing wildlife to the masses, David has been running his own fantastic tours to destinations across the globe for years, in a similar spirit to ourselves, and with a special interest in Eastern Europe.  We’ve joined forces to bring you a fantastic range of tours for 2017, all including a laid-back ethos, an element of conservation and, of course, time spent urban birding.

We’re really excited about the year to come!  Have look at our tours page, and David’s fantastic Urban Birder World offerings to see what we’ve got in store.  It’s sure to have you reaching for your bins and passport!




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