Big day out La Janda

On Day Three of their trip, we took our lovely Honeyguides group to the huge plain of La Janda, formerly a vast wetland which was mostly drained for agriculture in the 19th Century.  Fragments of wetland remain amongst the low-intensity farming, and we spent the morning finding a host of wetland and farmland treasures.   As the breedingContinue reading “Big day out La Janda”

Flying Kites in the Straits

How we love waking up to find the wind has dropped!  Strong winds stop migrating raptors in their tracks, so when a stiller day follows a couple days of bad weather, we know it will be a good one for northward movement, as the birds take the opportunity to continue their journeys. This time it coincidedContinue reading “Flying Kites in the Straits”

Hold the front page! We’ve teamed up with @theurbanbirder and @TUBTours to bring you more!

Here at Inglorious Bustards we take pride in bringing you the best of birding and migration spectacles along the East Atlantic flyway, all nothing to do with racing around ticking birds and more about enjoying landscapes, habitats, culture and having a good laugh – at a relaxed pace.  So we’re delighted to say we’ve foundContinue reading “Hold the front page! We’ve teamed up with @theurbanbirder and @TUBTours to bring you more!”

At 8.10am @Jonny09Jonny and @robert_yaxley set off on #Dovestep3 into a raging storm most likely never to be seen again…

A raging sea and a howling ‘Poniente’ storm provided the dramatic opening ceremony for #Dovestep3 this morning, at dawn on Tarifa beach, where we sent the brave lads on their way. They left the southerly-most point of the Spanish mainland at 8.10am, all set to walk the 700 mile distance to Gijon on the northContinue reading “At 8.10am @Jonny09Jonny and @robert_yaxley set off on #Dovestep3 into a raging storm most likely never to be seen again…”

Introducing the Choc and Pode Tour – Part 1: Pode!

Morocco.  Full of exotic sights, sounds and smells, stunning wildlife and engaging people, this place is exciting and adventurous yet at the same time accessible and safe. The Inglorious Bustards have explored far and wide together but this is one of the countries we can’t get enough of. That’s why, armed with some exciting genContinue reading “Introducing the Choc and Pode Tour – Part 1: Pode!”

All you need is #Dovestep 

The Dovestep team are all set to smash their own fundraising records for Turtle Doves in Spain this February, and what an adventure awaits them… What’s not to love about Turtle Doves?  Behind that gentle appearance, delicately-patterned plumage and soft purring song masquerades a tough migratory traveller, a great conquistador of distance, completing a 7,000Continue reading “All you need is #Dovestep “

Rule Number 1 of Bustard Club…

Don’t leave home without yer bins! Rule No 2 of Bustard Club – Don’t leave home without yer bins! There’s some other ones about not spilling alcohol, but that’s the main one, something I would have done well to note when we popped down the shops in Pelayo the other day. Living and working atContinue reading “Rule Number 1 of Bustard Club…”